Miracle White Teeth Whitening Pen

The smile is a way to the heart

Do you want to capture the attraction of public? Now it’s just a 3 step process…

  1. Gel a drop of miracle white gel on your brush by rotating the bottom of the pen
  2. Evenly apply the gel on your teeth
  3. Just wait for a minute…
Tooth Whitening Product

Miracle white pen is a completely professional product that are intended and suggested by dentists. Many tooth whitening products are available in the market but Miracle white Pen stand out to be the best product. 

Why to use Tooth Whitening pen?

• Easy to use
• Better results
• Dentists approved
• Cost effective
• Instantaneous results
• Enamel protection formula
• Professional finish in just 60 seconds

Tooth whitening products

The popularity of tooth whitening products are increasing everyday. Brighter teeth will make your smile more alluring and attractive. The cost effectiveness of tooth whitening products when compared to dental whitening is making it more popular. Dental whitening is a very complex process which you need the help of a dental professional. This is a very expensive process which will take a lot of time. You can save a lot of time and money by using dental whitening kits available in the market.

There are many kinds of tooth whitening products like whitening gels, whitening pastes, strips etc. out of that tooth whitening gel is the most effective. The peroxide formula in present in the Miracle white pen is very efficient in removing the stains in the teeth.


*The stains in your teeth will be removed by the super action formula in Miracle whitening pen. * The gel present in the pen should be evenly applied to your teeth for about sixty seconds. *The gel acts on the stains and blemish in your teeth and removes then to give a brighter smile. *You have to wait for another ten more minutes before drinking or brushing your teeth.

Why Miracle White Teeth Whitening pens are more popular? Just look the comparison study below:

Takes just 60 secondsTakes 5 minutesTakes 2 minutes
Cost $29.95Costs $30.00Costs $30.00
Result in 60 secondsResult in 10 minutesResult in 10 minutes
Gel systemNon Glycerin gelGel system

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I really want to thank Miracle white for its amazing results. I was tired of using many teeth whitening products in the market and was very distressed. But this was a different experience, the Miracle white pens really works. I was ashamed of going into parties because of my stained teeth. My friend recommended Miracle white pens which he is using for many years. Now I am also a regular customer of miracle white. 

Guys, it’s really amazing that it takes only one minute to make your teeth brighter. If you are in a hurry you can just apply it before leaving for a party or meeting. The instantaneous results made me a fan of this product. Cheers to Miracle white.


Hi, I am Thomas. I was a chain smoker and my teeth were really in a bad condition. Because of this my family members were ashamed of coming with me to parties. Many times this has embarrassed me in the public also. So I consulted a Doctor and he suggested me Miracle white. For a thousand time I want to thank this product. It was simply awesome. I could see the change within a few days. I know my stains were really hard to remove but Miracle white did it.

It was just simple; I followed only the directions in the packet. This will take only one minute and you can enjoy the freshness of the gel in your mouth. Now I recommend this to all my friends who are also facing tooth problem because of smoking. Now I take my family along with me for all the functions. Thanks to Miracle White.

Why to wait for a beautiful smile???Order Miracle white now and experience freshness in every breath!!!

In spite of the condition of your teeth, we assure you brighter stain free teeth in just three days!

Miracle white will take only 60 seconds from your day…

Just take a drop of miracle white gel with the help of the brush just by rotating the bottom of the pen and apply an even layer on your teeth. Just wait for 60 seconds…

A smile is the way to others heart, people will notice your smile initially when you meet them. So keep it clean and bright.

Teeth discoloration will reduce your confidence level and you will feel ashamed to be in the public. Now there is a simple solution to all your problems…Miracle white Teeth whitening pen

All your teeth discoloration problems will be solved by Miracle white; it’s effective and easy to use formula is making in the most popular teeth whitening pen.

We proudly present before you Miracle white which is approved and developed by the dentist. All of them wish to use the product which has superior quality and result. Then what are you waiting for Order Miracle Tooth Whitening Pen now!


We are hundred percent sure about the quality of your product. Our satisfied customers are our strength. 

Millions of customers are using Miracle White from all over the world. They have placed their order and are acquiring brighter stain free teeth within sixty seconds.

Our customers include professional artists and Hollywood stars. Check our testimonials to know more about our product and their experience….


We proudly present before you miracle white the most demanded tooth whitening pen of the year. Get the confidence to face the challenges with a beautiful bright smile.

What do you look in for dental whitening product?

*QUALITY: Definitely you can choose Miracle White Tooth Whitening Pen which is best known for its quality. Dentist from all over the world have approved this product and are suggesting it to their patients. We never compromise with the quality.

*PROFESSIONAL FINISH: We have celebrities as our clients. What else you want to know about the professional quality of our product. Just use the product and feel the change in your smile. You will be noted for your attractive smile.

*COST EFFECTIVENESS: Miracle White Teeth Whitening Pen is available for $29.95, which is much lesser than all other leading dental whitening products available in the market.

*EASY HANDLING: You will get the desired result in about 60 seconds. The handling steps are very easy as our product is a gel. You can use it irrespective of the place you are in; it is very handy and comfortable.

*SUSTAINABLE RESULTS: We are providing a money back guarantee with respect to our sustainable result. Miracle White Teeth Whitening Pen is the best for its results.

*SAFE TO USE: No one wish to get beauty by risking their health. The product you use should not provide any side effects or allergies. We assure you that Miracle White Tooth Whitening Pen is hundred percent safe to use.


Miracle White Teeth Whitening Pen is a celebrity choice. The effective easy to use formula is increasing the demand of this product.

Miracle White is featured on the popular television advertisements and newspapers. It is voted as the best Teeth whitening product in the previous year.

The incredibly useful product will satisfy all you needs regarding the dental whitening. Oral hygiene will also be taken care by our product. What are you waiting for? Plcae your orders now!

Miracle White Tooth Whitening Pen is just a phone call away! Call on the number provided.

Worldwide shipping is another specialty of our company. Miracle white will reach your door within a few days after you order it. Do not delay ORDER MIRACLE WHITE NOW!

Miracle White users the same formula used by the prominent dentists, but we offer the product at a lesser price!

Call Our Live Customer Support System To Clarify Your Doubts Regarding Miracle White Tooth Whitening Pen.

Do you shy away smiles? Yellow, dirty teeth giving you embarrassing camera-moments? This is where you part with your smiling woes! We are reopening to gates of the wonderful world of smiles and taking you with us.

We are talking about one of the biggest aesthetic problems adults face- yellow or stained teeth. Your teeth could have turned yellow or non-white because of many reasons; smoking, coffee, genetics, fluoride from the environment, poor dental hygiene and of course advancing age. If you happen to have any of these habits or you are not sure why your teeth are yellow, don’t worry, we have a gift that’ll bring that smile back.

Before we get into how we plan to bring your smile back, we just want to tell how that regardless of how your teeth became unattractive, there is always a way to fix it. It doesn’t have anything to do with drilling and leaving whitening gel all night, this is Miracle White-your two-minute teeth whiting professional that goes with you.

Unlike conventional leave for the night get, this Tooth Whitening Pen can give you instant teeth whiteness in 60 seconds flat. Just when you need your smile the most, use our Tooth Whitening Pen and smile ear to ear. Right before you take that picture, remove the cap, apply gel on your teeth (like you apply lipstick on your lips) and wait for 60 seconds. You’ll be amazed and thankful at what this wonder pen can do. Moreover, Miracle White pen is easy to use, very economical and our superior enamel protection formulae ensure that your teeth stay pearl white for the many smiles to come. You can even have drinks, food and we assure you that your whiteness will remain longer than any other product on the market. Try the new Miracle White pen and welcome back to the world of smiles.

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